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We Promise You the Best Value - Period!

Craftsman Inn & Suites will match any rate you find for our hotel on other travel web sites.

If you book through our website and then find a lower publicly available rate within 24 hours for the same hotel, room type and dates anywhere on an Internet travel site, through a travel agency, travel management company, or even through another of our reservations channels, Craftsman Inn & Suites will match the lower rate, subject to terms and conditions.*

If you find a better rate than the one available on our site, call us at: 315.637.8000

*The rate must be available on the third-party website at the time of booking. The offer does not apply to rates found on opaque websites, such as Priceline.com, Expedia.com and HotWire.com. If changes are made to the reservation or booking, rate is subject to change to the prevailing rate at that time
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